The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd.

The Historic Landscape Character Areas (HLCAs)

Industrial landscape with linear ribbon settlement.

HLCA 001 Maesygwartha and Llanelly Iron Working Area

Early post-medieval industrial landscape associated with the Hanbury family of Pontypool: furnace and forge sites of 17th century date; metal processing - Tinworks site; early iron workers' housing and associated 17th century gentry house; early industrial transport links; important historic associations; industrial water supply.Back to Map

A detached industrial settlement.

HLCA 002 Clydach North (Cheltenham)

Post-medieval industrial settlement associated with local iron and limestone production; industrial workers' housing; non-conformist Chapels.Back to Map

Clydach Ironworks.

HLCA 003 Clydach South

Nationally important industrial landscape dominated by 18th century ironworks (excavated) and associated settlement; nucleated-organic and ribbon settlement pattern with early ironworkers' dwellings; non-conformist Chapel; mid-20th century pre-fab dwellings; industrial rail; bridges; and industrial water supply.Back to Map

Llanelly quarry. Iron Age hillfort of Graig y Gaer.

HLCA 004a Cwm Clydach Transport Corridor and HLCA 004b Darren-Ddu/Blackrock Transport Corridor

Transport corridor (industrial and public), rail and road with associated features including bridges; quarries and limeworks; water supply features; upland pre-historic settlement (hill fort); varied agricultural enclosure and scattered post-medieval agricultural settlement and isolated short rows of industrial housing; Ancient Woodland.Back to Map

Characterised by surviving coal and ironstone workings.

HLCA 005 Gellifelen

Mining landscape of industrial workings including prominent waste tips; scattered post-medieval agricultural settlement and semi-industrial landholdings; minor stretches of industrial rail and varied lanes and tracks and bridges.Back to Map

An irregular dispersed settlement.

HLCA 006 Darrenfelen and Cwm Dyar-fach Enclosed Upper Valley Side

A mixed dispersed industrial/agricultural settlement landscape; industrial settlement with squatter origins; industrial housing predominantly short rows; industrial rail/tramroad features and bridges; pre-industrial buildings and associated regular field pattern of medium-sized fields; distinctive field boundaries; prehistoric settlement (hillfort).Back to Map

Late 19th century quarries and limeworks.

HLCA 007 Clydach Limeworks and Gilwern Quarry

Late 19th century quarries and limeworks and associated features; industrial transport.Back to Map

Brecknock & Abergavenny Canal.

HLCA 008 Gilwern

Industrial railroad/tramroad and canal corridor and junction; canal wharfs; industrial rail/tramroad and canal settlement; commercial centre; ribbon development augmented by later 20th century infilling; industrial manufacture and milling; water supply.Back to Map

Varied and rationalised agricultural landscape.

HLCA 009 Maesygwartha and Rhonos-uchaf Enclosed Valley Side

Varied and rationalised agricultural landscape; industrial farms and farm buildings; gentry villa with associated gardens; non-conformist chapel with manse.Back to Map