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A GGAT Archaeologist excavating the remains of a Roman boxtile

Commercial Services

GGAT Projects have a proven track history of providing quality of service and are the largest commercial archaeological organisation based in Wales. We provide the full spectrum of archaeological services to our clients, which routinely range from small scale domestic projects to large multi-million pound multidisciplinary developments. Whether you are extending your home, involved in large-scale mineral extraction, developing infrastructure or regional regeneration projects we can meet your cultural heritage and archaeological requirements. Cultural heritage and archaeology in particular is a valuable, finite and unpredictable resource. Our aim is to reduce any potential risks posed by cultural heritage to your development by providing robust mitigation strategies, whilst ensuring the impact of your development on this valuable resource is reduced. We provide the same quality of service whether you are a private individual or a large multinational FTSE 100 company.

GGAT Projects is the trading name of the commercial archaeological department of the Trust. Since its foundation in 1975, it has been responsible for over 1400 excavations and over 300 Environmental Impact Assessments and related desk-based projects. In addition, the Trust has carried out Historic Landscape Characterisation of the Historic Landscapes in south Wales on behalf of Cadw and has undertaken LANDMAP upgrading work across southeast Wales. We have built up a body of recognised expertise in the investigation of sites of all types and periods. This experience is reflected in our specialist knowledge and flexibility in methodology.

We are happy to work anywhere in the United Kingdom, but our particular focus of operations are in south Wales where we bring long-experience and detailed knowledge of the region, the Principality of Wales and the West of England.

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