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Cordelia. Dwr-y-Felin Comprehensive School (Yr 10)

I enjoyed my work experience at the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, I did a lot of work in the one week I stayed and I've learnt a lot from it.

I first learnt about the work involved in the Trust and I was shown how to use certain ICT programs such as Microsoft Access, Outlook and GIS - MapInfo, I picked up on using these programs quickly as the Archaeologists who showed me was very friendly and explained everything to me clearly.

Using my new ICT skills, I did a number of tasks including updating MapInfo Tables to aid the Trusts work and also the work of Caroline, who was constantly busy, but always willing to help me out. I did some work on the "Better Woodlands for Wales" project and updated systems in order to provide a more effective service, and I did some archaeological research for an Archaeological Trail.

I also answered a few HER enquiries for both the public and staff; this involved photocopying and finding useful information from the correct files.

Apart from IT work and photocopying, I also did some report binding and tidying, as the office is filled with paperwork!

I did a lot of work while at the trust, however I did take a leisurely look at the old maps of my local area out of my own curiosity, they even let me print off the areas I was interested in! The placement gave me a good insight into what goes on in archaeology; I enjoyed my time there and learnt a lot, it was an informative and pleasant experience.

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