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Serious damage to a scheduled Bronze Age burial mound carried out by illegal off-roading at Wentwood, Gwent

Heritage Crime in Wales – Identification and Reporting

Wales has so many archaeological sites, which are a mix of visible remains like burial chambers, remains of buildings, walls, earthworks, remains which date from the prehistoric period to the 20th century. Some are buried, like ditches, or enclosures, fragile prehistoric remains, environmental evidence contained in peats for example, and not visible above ground. Some of these are scheduled monuments because of their national importance, these form around 10% of the known archaeological and historic environment sites and features in the Record.

How to identify heritage crime

Examples include:

  • Theft
  • Removing or rearranging archaeological material
  • Destroying archaeological material
  • Arson and starting fires
  • Illegal metal detecting
  • Illegal off-roading
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Unauthorised works on designated historic sites
  • Disturbing burial sites
  • Criminal damage

Reporting heritage crime

If you are aware of a crime currently taking place, please telephone the police immediately on 999. If you are concerned that a recent incident has taken place which has damaged a historic asset, please telephone 101 to report the incident to the police.

If you think the property is a listed building, contact your Local Authority Conservation department to ensure it is aware of any damage that has been caused to the asset. If you think the property is a scheduled monument, contact Cadw to ensure it is aware of any damage that has been caused to the asset.

Be prepared to provide a witness statement to the police as part of any formal police action as a result of the incident.

How to report heritage crime

As noted in Cadw’s information in the link below, if there is a crime taking place dial 999, if a recent incident 101.

South Wales Police: heritage crime can be reported via

Gwent Police: heritage crime can be reported via

While Rural and heritage crime information is on Twitter and can be reported at @GwentPolice

Dyfed Powys Police can be contacted through their website or by email:

You can view their site which encourages reporting and stating of heritage crime in the call here.

Currently, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park has a Heritage Watch Scheme with Dyfed Powys Police

Brecon Beacons National Park Authority are developing a heritage watch scheme, you can view details of it on their Facebook page

Further information is available from Cadw

More about Heritage Crime

Download Be Nighthawking Aware guide

South Wales Police: heritage crime can be reported via