FoA 2015
FoA 2015
'A Victorian Excavation' at Castell Coch
Our wattle 'n' daub finished hurdle
In beautiful surroundings
'Cyfarthfa at 250' - A celebration of the ironworks
In the shadow of the furnace
Adults and children enjoying our 'Body in the Box' excavation
GGAT archaeologists talking about some of our latest work in Merthyr
Demonstrating our Lego waterwheel powered ironworks
Life in the Bronze Age, Caldicot Castle
Caldicot Castle interior
Prehistoric pot making
'Here's some we made earlier'
Crowds gather as news of our fantastic pots gets around!
Children learning to make prehistoric rope
'Squish the poo, wee, earth and straw between your fingers!' Wattle 'n' daub fun
Archaeology Fun Day, Oystermouth Castle poster
Visitors discovering all about the work the Trust carried out at the castle
Essential kit for would-be archaeologists
Penny to pay the ferryman - Body in the Box
Excavating becomes a spectator sport
No, it's not a potato, it's a medieval sling stone