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Celtic Manor

Celtic Manor Golf Resort Archaeology


The Celtic Manor Resort near Newport runs along the flood plain of the River Usk and loops around a Roman settlement close to the legionary fortress at Caerleon.

The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust have undertaken all the archaeological works at the site, where construction of a top class golf course and management of top class archaeology somehow had to work together.

The Roman settlement

The presence of a settlement at Great Bulmore (SAM Mm176) was firmly established in the early 1980s, and recent archaeological works in connection with planned development of the Celtic Manor Resort have resulted in the identification of funerary remains, located to the south and west of the settlement, and also with minor industrial activity located on the hillside to the south of the settlement.

a Roman Centurion

Walk in the footsteps of the Romans

Why not explore the historic Roman fortress of Isca. Download one of the walks created by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and walk in the footsteps of the Romans

Roman sandals

The Archaeology

Read all about the archaeology of the Celtic Manor course, with Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust involved from the outset. In this time there have been five desk-based assessments, six field evaluations, two geophysical surveys, three excavations and three watching-briefs, as well as post-excavation, survey, consultancy and other works. ‘Design out’ principles have been engaged where feasible, leading to preservation of structures ranging from Roman remains to an anti-aircraft battery.

Roman sheild

Explore the archaeology

Discover all about the main archaeological features from each of the Celtic Manor excavation areas, along with their associated finds and background information.

a Roman Centurion helmet