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Character Areas

Margam Mountain

011 Waun-y-Gilfach


HLCA 011 Waun-y-Gilfach

20th century forestry plantation; former unenclosed 'Waun'; footpaths and tracks. Back to Map

Historic Background

The historic landscape area of Waun-y-Gilfach comprises a small, discreet area of forested hilltop formerly open mountain moorland or 'waun' associated with surrounding farms (Gilfach-uchaf, Gilfach-ganol, and Gilfach-isaf and Foel-fach). The area was divided between the landed estates of Margam and Gadlys from at least the early 19th century, if not before.

Historic Landscape Characteristics

Waun-y-Gilfach is characterised as an area of 20th century forestry plantation on land formerly unenclosed 'waun'. The area, a low hilltop south of Cwm Cae-lloi, contains little in the way of known archaeological remains, apart from minor communication features such as tracks and footpaths. The area is also bounded, and subdivided by high dry-stone walls of 18th/19th century date. Its main importance is as a setting for the scheduled medieval Llangynwyd Castle in the adjacent area HLCA 005.