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Character Areas


087 Caswell Bay

Photo of Caswell Bay

HLCA087 Caswell Bay

Intertidal landscape: beach; buried archaeology; and fishing. Back to Map

Historic Background

The historic landscape area of Caswell Bay is bounded by the limits of enclosed land, cliff edge and lies between the mean high and mean low water marks depicted on 1:10000 OS map and is situated between the rocky cliffs of Newton and Pwll Du Head.

Although the surrounding steep and vegetated cliffs have been quarried, and the cliff top immediately to the west boasts a defended Iron Age enclosure (HLCA 060, SAM GM132), the bay itself has little recorded archaeological evidence relating to activity or development. Only three finds have been recorded in this character area. These are three coins dating to the second century, two issued by Hadrian and the other by Duponius-Antoninus Pius.

Prior to the twentieth century the area would have been used for typical coastal industries such as fishing and local boat repair, however this has been superseded by activities related to the leisure industry such as the surf school at Caswell Bay, HLCA 086. Other related features such as a boathouse and slipways lie within the adjacent area.