Historic Landscape Characterisation
Merthyr Tydfil

027 Taff Fechan

HLCA 027 Taff Fechan Transport corridor: public rail and road, Ancient Woodland

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(Photo: GGAT Merthyr 027)

Taff Fechan character area: transport corridor based on public rail networks of the 19th century.


A transport corridor based on the Taff Fechan Valley, characterised by public rail networks of the latter half of the 19th century, including the B&M/LNWR Joint Railway and the impressive structure of the Glais Viaduct at Pontsarn.

Historical background

The historic landscape area of Taff Fechan contains features associated with the BM and LNWR joint Line (built 1868 by the BM, joint from 1879), the Brecon and Merthyr Line, and the Merthyr Tredegar & Abergavenny (LNWR) and the Morlais Tunnel (1879). Particularly impressive structures include the Glais Viaduct at Pontsarn (built by Savin and Ward 1866). The remains of the Brecon and Merthyr Line, to the northeast of Pant junction are partly re-used by the current Brecon Mountain Railway. Other distinctive features are the ventilation towers of the Morlais Tunnel.


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