Historic churches and other Christian sites in South Wales

More about our projects

Since 1995, the Trust has been grant-aided by Cadw to record churches and other Christian sites, in a series of projects aimed at increasing our knowledge and being better able to protect them. These pages are based on the results of these projects.

Some of these projects were part of a pan-Wales initiative. For the results in other parts of Wales see the websites of our sister Trusts in Clwyd-Powys, Dyfed and Gwynedd.

Whereas the previous two projects were large-scale, both covering the whole of Wales and running for several years, the following projects were designed to fill gaps in GGAT's HER. In 2010 we looked at the HER entries for medieval sites, counted up the numbers of different types, and looked to see how many were Scheduled Monuments. Some types of site did not include many examples which had been Scheduled, so we went on to look at those in more detail to see whether more of them should be protected. We also felt that sites that were threatened or where the structure was decaying needed particular emphasis. The projects in this series were carefully targeted and were finished fairly rapidly, all including field visits to examine the present condition of the ones that seemed to be most promising.