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Welcome to the Arfordir Coastal Heritage website

'Arfordir' ('Coastline' in Welsh) is a project which aims to record, understand and monitor changes in the coastal heritage of Wales.

Groups of local volunteers will be set up, and with support from professional archaeologists, will identify and record archaeological sites around the coastline, particularly any changes which are observed happening to them.

The coast and the sea have always been important to the people of Wales, and they have had a major impact on the landscape, people's attitudes, livelihoods and identities. This is reflected in the wealth of archaeological sites in the coastal zone, but many of these sites are in danger from coastal erosion, sea level change and other threats.

Public Involvement

These web pages have been created to provide you with information about the Afordir Coastal Heritage Project, our aim is to give the project a strong public archaeology element which we hope you will enjoy. Volunteers working on the project will have the opportunity to make their voice heard, in various formats- textual or visual